Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm back!
Whew what a year 2010 has been! I can't believe it's half over already.
Although I still practice and love photography I've discovered a new love! So now you know where I've been!

Most recently I've competed in the Real Women of Philadelphia Cooking Competition with the amazing Paula Deen and Kraft.
Currently I'm working on a cookbook filled with stories and colorful food photos so I can combine my love of cooking and photography!

I promise to update more often and to post lots of pictures from my recent photo sessions and trips, including  Catilin's Prom, a St Pete Beach Wedding, and my Anniversary trip to the Carolinas!
For now please scroll down to view some of my cooking videos (to view all of my videos search user: Beagle Dog Photos) and to vote for my latest photo contest with Kozy Shack!
- Nicole

Cooking Videos

Please VOTE for my picture in the Kozy Shack photo contest! You can vote daily through Sept! It only takes a few seconds....pls help me win! If you can't find my pic simply search user name "PEACE4EVER" or search location "Sarasota". THANK YOU ALL !

1 comment:

A multi-dimensional life said...

Nicole, I'm voting for you!
I'm glad that each vote goes towards helping heart disease...a subject too close to home for me and my famliy!
P.S. Great photography and such adorable pups! Congrats on Charlie being in the magazine...He's a star! :)